General Information (Last Update May 2020):

  • 4,1 Mln TV households
  • Average number of persons per TV household: 2,6

 HbbTV Key Facts:

ERT has launched the following HbbTV services since December 2017 (Source: ERT, HbbTV Symposium & Awards, November 2019):

  • 7+ (Catch Up TV)
  • VoD (Thematic Categories at least 12)
  • EPG (Channels)
  • Search Services
  • Radio Stations (27 live)
  • F1-Multicam View (On Board Channel, Driver Tracker, Pit Lane Channel, Data Channel)
  • 360 Degree’s VoD

HbbTV Connected Devices:

  • 1,0 Mln (Source: HbbTV elaboration on broadcasters data, December 2019)

HbbTV Usage Data:

  • Average VoD per month: 150k-200K
  • Unique page visits per month: 200k 
  • Average page views per month: 2 Mln

(Source: ERT, HbbTV Symposium & Awards, November 2019):


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