10 Year HbbTV Anniversary Special

Join us on an exciting journey to the treasure chamber of HbbTV and experience how the standard became a global success in just one decade.

Explore HbbTV Milestones

The history of HbbTV begins a few years before 2010. This section features important milestones which paved the way for the ongoing development of the open standard from its beginning until today. One thing becomes clear: HbbTV is an international project, which has its roots in close collaboration by European market players and continues to drive the technical capabilities of broadcast and broadband networks and services.

Historic Material

In this area you will find interesting historic footage: pictures, videos, press releases, articles and presentations. The microsite 10 years HbbTV is an ongoing, expanding platform. We would like to add more material step by step. Do you have pictures, videos, articles, presentations or other material in your archive? You are welcome to get in touch with the HbbTV MarCom team to use this opportunity of sharing these important documents.

Quotes by Eyewitnesses

The development and success story of HbbTV in the last decade and earlier is the result of many people from different nations and professions working together. In this section you will find a selection of quotes by people involved with HbbTV and statements about how they see HbbTV personally.

Mediator between two worlds – for a perfect media experience

HbbTV combines broadcast and IP world in a unique technical manner, and perfectly bridges the gap between two former separate worlds. Convenient, seamless, and easy to use like no technology before. 10 years already – it still feels as if HbbTV has just started, when looking at all the ongoing innovations and already existing exiting solutions in the markets. Keen to see the innovations to come in the next 10 years.

—Marin Fähnrich, Panasonic

Making sure a clear value of HbbTV to all involved

“HbbTV came from two different product development activities, and my overriding memories of initial HbbTV meetings is the feeling of a single well-aligned team working towards a product. Initially, HbbTV was very much about quickly delivering products and services that consumers wanted to use.  Some people’s reaction was that HbbTV was too simple to be a big success because there were many things it couldn’t do; but this was due to a deliberate focus on the 20% of functionality that provided 80% of the value to consumers. By making sure that there was clear value to all of the organisations involved – content providers, broadcasters, technology providers and device manufacturers – it was easy to get co-operation and work towards the goal of getting devices and services in people’s homes.”

Steve Morris, Enghouse Networks