10 Year HbbTV Anniversary Special

Join us on an exciting journey to the treasure chamber of HbbTV and experience how the standard became a global success in just one decade.

Explore HbbTV Milestones

The history of HbbTV begins a few years before 2010. This section features important milestones which paved the way for the ongoing development of the open standard from its beginning until today. One thing becomes clear: HbbTV is an international project, which has its roots in close collaboration by European market players and continues to drive the technical capabilities of broadcast and broadband networks and services.

Historic Material

In this area you will find interesting historic footage: pictures, videos, press releases, articles and presentations. The microsite 10 years HbbTV is an ongoing, expanding platform. We would like to add more material step by step. Do you have pictures, videos, articles, presentations or other material in your archive? You are welcome to get in touch with the HbbTV MarCom team to use this opportunity of sharing these important documents.

Quotes by Eyewitnesses

The development and success story of HbbTV in the last decade and earlier is the result of many people from different nations and professions working together. In this section you will find a selection of quotes by people involved with HbbTV and statements about how they see HbbTV personally.

Established as the European Smart TV approach

“HbbTV is the only smart TV technology that does the trick of complementing linear television with a strong online offer and using it to mature into something new. With the proposition of strong catch-up services and many smart functions, HbbTV has established itself as the European Smart TV approach while, at the same time, being independent of platforms and manufacturers. There is still a lot waiting for us here.”

—Herman Dresen, INFOSAT

Match rising consumer expectations

“TV sets with integrated HbbTV and related capabilities are key for all market players to provide the right services to match rising consumer expectations.”

—Régis Le Roux, Enensys