Membership Information

Members of the HbbTV Association define standards for interactive broadcast TV by:

  • working together to define standards for hybrid broadcast TV;
  • sharing knowledge, technical expertise and market experience with other members;
  • contributing to working groups which specialize in certification, specification, marketing and other topics.

We’d love to have you get involved and contribute towards the success of HbbTV.


How do I Become a Member?

If you’re interested in joining HbbTV Association, please contact us today to receive a membership pack with additional HbbTV information and a membership agreement.

Follow the link below to request detailed overview of membership information.

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What are the Benefits of Being a Member?

There are many benefits associated with being a member of the HbbTV Association.

By participating in the development and implementation of the HbbTV Standard, Members are able to help shape the future of HbbTV.

By sharing knowledge and market experience HbbTV Members work together to ensure specifications continue to meet market requirements while supporting innovation for the delivery of future TV services.

With widespread recognition across the industry and ever increasing support from the leading players, HbbTV membership delivers prestige by association and results in networking opportunities for those involved.

HbbTV has a number of different Working Groups that contribute to the development of the HbbTV association. Members are encouraged to join, follow and contribute to these.

What is the Cost to Become a Member?

The membership fee is €8,000 per year.

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