Steering Group

Chair: Vincent Grivet, Eutelsat
Vice-Chair: Jon Piesing, TP Vision
Treasurer: Xavier Redon, Cellnex Telecom

Members: BBC (Chris Poole), Cellnex Telecom (Xavi Redon), EBU (Bram Tullemans), Eutelsat (Vincent Grivet), Everyone TV (James Jackson), Kineton (Angelo Pettazzi), LG (Stuart Savage), Panasonic (Martin Fähnrich), RAI (Luca Barboni), RTI Mediaset (Fabio Guarnaccia), RTL (Frank Heineberg), Samsung (John Adam), Sony Europe (Nigel Moore), Tivù (Daniele Novaga), TP Vision (Jon Piesing), Xperi (Frode Hernes).

The Steering Group is the chief executive body of the HbbTV Association.

Marketing & Education Group

Chair: Angelo Pettazzi (Kineton)

This group is responsible for events, communications, website and other HbbTV promotional activities.

It promotes worldwide market adoption of the HbbTV standard within the industry and aims to highlight existing HbbTV success stories while encouraging further market development.

Specification Group

Chair: Jon Piesing (TP Vision)

This group is responsible for developing and maintaining the HbbTV specifications. Development of new specifications is based on the output of the requirements working group. Maintenance is based on feedback from the industry, including but not limited to members and the results are included either in new specifications or in so-called “errata” documents. The most recent published specification is HbbTV 2.0.3

Requirements Group

Chair: Richard Moreton (Samsung)

This group is responsible for defining the requirements for future HbbTV specifications. The requirements, once approved by the Steering Group, are passed to the Specification Group.

Testing Group

Chair: Thi Thanh Van Nguyen (Samsung)
Vice-Chair: Rob Foreman (BBC)

The Testing Group is responsible for developing and maintaining the HbbTV Test Suite, used for confirming compliance to the HbbTV Specification. Requirements and test materials are developed by members and are subject to a stringent peer-review process before approval. The group publishes a summary of the test suite contents and the suite is available on application. Test suite updates are released on a regular basis as part of the maintenance process.

In addition to creating test cases related to the HbbTV specification, the group has developed a standard test harness specification and a set of schemas for describing test case requirements and implementation data. These specifications are available on this website for use by other organisations and it is hoped this will promote a shared approach to capturing test requirements and implementing test cases across the Connected device community.

Privacy Task Force

Co-Chair: Leslie Shanklin (Discovery)
Co-Chair: Frank Heineberg (Mediengruppe RTL)

With the Privacy Task Force, the HbbTV Association wants to support its members in finding the right balance between compliance with GDPR and privacy regulations and the best possible usage of HbbTV’s interactive features. It reflects the growing importance of privacy and GDPR matters in the TV industry.

The immediate goal of the Privacy Task Force is the preparation of handbook providing a useful reference to market players.