General Information:

  • 25 Mln TV households

HbbTV Key Facts (source: HbbTV internal, March 2024):

  • Italy has adopted the HbbTV 2.0 standard in 2017
  • MHP legacy are consistently declining in favour of HbbTV terminals
  • Italian public service broadcaster and most of the Italian commercial broadcasters, including local broadcasters, offer a vast variety of HbbTV based services like 7 days catch-up TV, EPG (Electronic Program Guide), restart, weather services, portals, ad substitution and L-shaped ad banner.
  • First implementation and deployment of HbbTV-TA was announced in early 2024.

HbbTV Connected Devices (source: internal elaboration on member broadcasters data, March 2024):

  • 12,8 Mln (source: HbbTV elaboration on broadcasters data)

Addressable TV Market Status (source: Dataxis, April 2023):

In Italy, the overall addressable parc on HbbTV already represents more than 9 million households and Publitalia’80 was among the fastest ad sales house in the region to take notice of this potential. They launched addressable campaigns on HbbTV banners back in 2016, then progressively expanded their offer to ad insertion in catch-up video in 2019 and to linear DAI in 2020. There were strong incentives in each of those markets (editor’s note: Germany, Italy and Spain) to launch addressable TV offers, and to specifically choose this technology to do so. Germany, Italy and Spain are each among the top 5 biggest TV advertising markets in Europe, which creates significant market perspectives for ad sales houses. In Italy and Spain, a large majority of people are watching TV using the free-to-air digital terrestrial signal, which enables publishers to address most of their audiences directly on their TV sets. Most of those devices are either already equipped by an HbbTV standard, or likely to be replaced in the upcoming years by a device that will. In Germany, cable operators which account for the biggest share of TV usage also support HbbTV standards (source: Dataxis, ”Addressable TV in Europe: where do we stand one decade after AdSmart?”, April 2023).

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