General Information (last update March 2023):

  • According to Nielsen Media, the total number of TV homes in Poland stood at 14.28 million as of the beginning of 2022, marking 0.4% increase from the previous year

 HbbTV – Key Facts:

  • Based on source at Emitel, the operator of nationwide terrestrial multiplexes, 1.3 million households in Poland have an active HbbTV service
  • The milestone in the deployment of the HbbTV offer in Poland was the launch in December 2018, in cooperation with Legia Warszawa, of the HbbTV service for fans of the capital football club. In addition to on demand content, the service featured occasional “live” broadcasts of friendly matches that were not available on the TV broadcast. The Legia TV service was very well received  among terrestrial TV viewers and the popularity also aroused the interest of broadcasters who saw the potential of HbbTV
  • In 2022, the digital terrestrial television standard was changed to DVB-T2/HEVC. This prompted many viewers to replace their equipment with a new one, usually supporting HbbTV.
  • Many broadcasters started to create and broadcast their own services in terrestrial television multiplexes.
  • TVN started to offer services for viewers, such as quizzes.
  • New applications began to appear, of varying degrees of sophistication, and the base of hybrid TV users were constantly growing. HbbTV is no longer just a tool for creating simple news applications and competitions. Virtual channels, i.e. additional TV channels, and OTT services also began to appear.

HbbTV Connected Devices:

The number of homes in Poland with an active HbbTV connection has now passed 1.3 million (source: Broadband TV News on Emitel data, March 2023)

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