General Information:

  • 18 Mln TV households

 HbbTV – Key Facts (source: HbbTV internal elaboration, May 2020):

  • Cellnex, the DTT Network Operator, and TDT Hibrida (, the Spanish Specification entity for Interactive Hybrid TV Services, are acting as the Spanish certification provider.
  • HbbTV standards currently in use: HbbTV 1.0/1.5/2.0.1 planning to include Playready DRM support
  • HbbTV services are available on more than 40 TV and radio channels including national, regional and local services: here is an overview of them.
  • LOVEStv ( is an Atresmedia, RTVE and Mediaset Spain joint service offering a program guide with catch up TV over 7 days, “start over”, live search and editorial recommendations since 2018. The service is accessible on connected TVs through the TV remote control blue button and use of cursors navigation to access the functionalities.

Spanish Market Devices Figures (source: HbbTV elaboration on broadcasters data, May 2020):

  • 13 Mln HbbTV compatible devices (any HbbTV version)
  • 6 Mln connected devices compatible with LOVEStv

Addressable TV Market Status (source: Dataxis, April 2023):

HbbTV addressability also has bright days ahead in key markets of Western Europe like Spain. AtresMedia Publicidad was the first ad sales house to launch HbbTV addressable campaigns back in 2019, and was followed by PubliEspana at the end of 2020. Local publishers have decided to capitalize on this opportunity rather early on, and rightly so: Spain is the 5th biggest TV advertising market in Europe, and already more than 70% of its total TV households were using connected HbbTV devices at end 2022 (source: Dataxis, ”Addressable TV in Europe: where do we stand one decade after AdSmart?”, April 2023).



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