General Information (Last Update April 2021)

  • 23.99M households (Dataxis)

HbbTV – Key Facts:

  • Approximately 90% of Smart TV sold support the HbbTV standard
  • No HbbTV certification regime but self-certification by the CE-manufacturers using the HbbTV Test Suites
  • HbbTV standards currently in use: HbbTV 1.0/1.5/2.0
  • HbbTV services are available from TRT ARTI via satellite based on HbbTV 1.1
  • 6 M HbbTV devices with more than 800K with HbbTV 2.0 are currently available in the market (mainly Satellite)


Contact HbbTV Association:
Angelo Pettazzi
Chair HbbTV Marketing and Education Working Group (MEWG)
email: angelo.pettazzi@kineton.it
Tel: +39.335.7614.596