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HbbTV Symposium 2018 addresses key benefits and challenges

Geneva, November 6, 2018 – The HbbTV Association and Deutsche TV-Plattform are proud to announce an impressive programme agenda for the 7th HbbTV Symposium and Awards taking place on November 14-15, 2018 in Berlin under the theme Growing Value Through HbbTV.

The panel Growing Advertising Value: The business and the technology will focus on HbbTV-based advanced advertising solutions such as interactive, targeted and addressable advertising, enabling broadcasters to benefit from the growing digital advertising market with their regular linear TV channels. The panellists include Florian Löw (El Cartel Media), Robert Curwen (Google), Dr Andrea Dürager (ServusTV/RedBull Media House) and Angelo Pettazzi (DVB/Mediaset Group).

With HbbTV Operator Application (OpApp) specification released in 2017, platform operators can create a branded user interface, offering a uniform viewer experience, across all consumer reception devices coexisting with broadcasters’ HbbTV services. The panel Growing Viewers’ Choice: The value of HbbTV for operators will discuss the OpApp capabilities and the first use cases. Participants include Alberto Sigismondi (tivù), Patrice Silvant (Seraphic), Dr Jens Johann (Deutsche Telekom), Erik Gazzoni (SmarDTV) and Sascha Prüter (Vewd).

The TV user interfaces continue to evolve, embracing higher resolution, mobile devices and voice interaction. The panel Growing Consumer Interest: Improving user experiences will look at the impact of these technologies on the user experience and how application providers can capture and retain consumer interest. Participants include Fabian Birgfeld (W12 Studios), Nicolas Moulin-Fournier (Eutelsat) and Carlos Antonio Navarrete Puentes (HbbTV Project Colombia/Universidad de los Andes).

Further panels discuss, for example, business growth through HbbTV success stories, using HbbTV to react to market changes, new tools and techniques for HbbTV apps and greater interoperability, as well as the latest HbbTV based research and development.

“We are excited about the large variety of key opportunities and challenges faced by today’s TV industry being addressed by the panels of the HbbTV Symposium and Awards 2018 and the impressive line-up of high-level industry experts who have agreed to enrich the panels with their experiences, views and expectations,” said Vincent Grivet (TDF), Chair of the HbbTV Association.

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