Deliveries Completed for Official HbbTV 2.0 Receiver Test Suite


GENEVA — Feb 29, 2016 — The HbbTV Association, a global initiative dedicated to providing an open standard for the delivery of broadcast and broadband services through connected TVs and set-top boxes, today announced that it has received all the test material for the first release of a test suite for HbbTV 2.0 implementations.

The current HbbTV test suite (V8.1) is suitable for testing HbbTV 1 and 1.5 products. V9.0 is expected to be available before the end of the summer and will add over 500 new tests covering HbbTV 2.0 functionality. It will also improve coverage of HbbTV 1 and 1.5 functionality in some key areas. This release will be an important step towards enabling interoperability between HbbTV 2.0 services and HbbTV 2.0 devices, which are expected to be introduced in the market starting in 2017. The tests were obtained from two suppliers, Eurofins Digital Testing and RT-RK, and are now being reviewed by volunteers from the HbbTV membership before becoming approved parts of the Test Suite.

The 500 test cases cover all mandatory and some optional features added by HbbTV 2.0 and were carefully selected by experts to test the key use cases for each feature.

“The delivery of these tests is a significant milestone for HbbTV 2.0” said Klaus Illgner, President of the HbbTV Association. “Through the release of our Test Suite, we seek to help HbbTV products interoperate with services, giving consumers an optimal experience for services that use the new 2.0 spec’s advanced interactivity features.”

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Hybrid broadcast broadband TV (or “HbbTV”) is a global initiative aimed at harmonizing the broadcast and broadband delivery of entertainment services to consumers through connected TVs, set-top boxes and multiscreen devices. The HbbTV specification is developed by industry leaders to improve the video user experience for consumers by enabling innovative, interactive services over broadcast and broadband networks. The specification uses elements of existing specifications from other standards including OIPF, CEA, DVB, MPEG-DASH and W3C.

In June 2014, the activities of the Open IPTV Forum (OIPF) were transferred to the HbbTV Association. This broadened the HbbTV Association’s mandate to include defining specifications for service providers and technology suppliers that streamline and accelerate deployment of IPTV services.

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