HbbTV Association Chairman, Klaus Illgner-Fehns Unable To Continue

Geneva, January 27, 2018 – The HbbTV Association is sad to announce that Dr. Klaus Illgner-Fehns is unable to continue in his role of Chairman due to personal reasons. He has been involved in the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) initiative since its establishment in 2008 and his contribution and commitment (both as Managing Director of IRT and as Chairman of the HbbTV Association) to the development, promotion and take up of HbbTV technology has been extremely significant.

HbbTV was set up to harmonise entertainment delivery to the customer through broadcast and broadband technologies. It acts as an alternative to proprietary technologies for broadcasters to deliver value added on-demand services to the end consumer. The Steering Group and entire Association is grateful for his unwavering commitment to promoting and developing such an innovative technology, and they would like to wish Dr. Illgner-Fehns a speedy recovery.

A new chairman of the HbbTV Association will be elected after its General Assembly in Spring 2018. Until then, Jon Piesing (Vice-Chairman) will replace Dr. Illgner-Fehns in his HbbTV Association activities.

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