HbbTV Association seeks a Project Coordinator



to Support the Steering Group and Working Groups

The HbbTV Association is seeking an experienced person to provide support to the Steering Group and some Working Groups. This is a new position intended to reduce the reliance on voluntary effort of members and improve the smooth and efficient operation of the organisation.

1. General Requirements

a) Essential to the position are enough knowledge and experience to be able to do tasks without micro-management. The ability to carry out the role in an autonomous manner with minimal oversight and instructions is expected after a short adjustment period.

b) The ability to use the IT tools chosen by the organization is expected as well as competence with well-known external software (e.g., Office, Gotomeeting).

c) Experience with financial processes (e.g., RFQs, purchasing, invoicing, etc.), including for event management. (Previous experience of participation in industry events would be an advantage.)

d) Familiarity with TV terminology and technologies is helpful but not essential, but is expected to be actively acquired through personal effort.

e) The role may involve supervision of an assistant.

f) Proficiency in the English language is required for responding to inquiries and writing minutes.

2. Support of both the Steering Group and Marketing Group

a) Creation and distribution of agendas for meetings and phone conferences in co-operation with the chair(s)/vice-chair.

b) Ensuring that all input and output documents are properly archived.

c) Taking notes at these (phone) meetings, creating minutes, revising those based on comments and publishing the final version. (Note that there is a strong requirement that candidates either have or very rapidly acquire enough knowledge of the topics to be able to take reasonably good notes without requiring time spent with chair(s)/vice-chair on extensive revisions).

d) Handling action items including communicating new items and following up on completion of old ones.

3. Support of the Steering Group

a) Working with chairs of other Working Groups to get status reports for the Steering Group and to manage getting Working Group issues on the Steering Group agenda.

b) Communicating the Steering Group minutes to the membership.

4. Support of the Marketing Group

a) Provide a first point of contact for any requests to HbbTV of a marketing nature.

b) Monitor for HbbTV-related news, be capable of recognizing new, relevant and significant information and propose updates to the HbbTV web site with links to those (based on guidelines provided by the Marketing Group members). Implement website updates.

c) Provide a point of contact for coordinating logistics with external vendors (space selection, transportation/rental of equipment, payments, etc.) at events where HbbTV has a presence. d) Provide a point of contact for arranging speaking opportunities for promoting HbbTV at events (identified by Marketing Group and coordinated with the Marketing Group chairs and identified speakers).

5. Support of Certification/Testing

a. Provide a point of contact for answering questions concerning the HbbTV association’s various licensing agreements and/or trademarks usage (Sufficient experience is required to know when previous answers can be re-used and when it is necessary to seek guidance from working group chairs and other relevant experts).

6. Time

Participation in the regular phone conferences of the Steering Group and the Marketing Group is required. Steering Group phone conferences are every 4 weeks with additional phone conferences halfway between when necessary. Marketing Group phone conferences are every 2 weeks. Additionally the Steering Group has 4 face to face meetings a year. Remote participation in these is preferred but in-person participation can be considered depending on the circumstances and costs. We have estimated the role as needing between 30 and 40 hours/month unevenly allocated through the month, rising in the months when the quarterly Steering Group face to face meetings take place.

7. Extras

Later this year, the HbbTV Association will be issuing an RfP for test material for HbbTV receivers and placing one or more contracts based on the results. A candidate who is able to significantly support the HbbTV working groups in the preparation and execution of the RfP and issuing and managing the resulting contracts is significantly preferred. The time required for this is not included in the 30-40 hours/month referred to above.

8. Organisation

The successful candidate will be a contractor / consultant / supplier to HbbTV and not an employee. Candidates who are not already well known to HbbTV are preferred to be located in or near a location where one of the HbbTV officers is located (Munich, Geneva, Ghent).

9. Application

Applications for the role should be sent to info@hbbtv.org and should include the following;

• A short CV providing background about the candidate.

• An explanation of the candidate’s experience that is relevant to performing the main part of this role. (Not to exceed 2 pages).

• An explanation of the candidate’s experience that is relevant to performing the extra part of this role relating to the RfP. (Not to exceed 1 page).

• A statement about the candidate’s availability to attend the phone conferences and face to face meetings referred to above – both when they could start once a contract was signed and anything that would interfere with participation on a regular basis.

• A statement of the rate that the candidate would charge HbbTV for this activity. • An identification of any of the items from the list above that the candidate would not wish to perform. (HbbTV is prepared to consider candidates who can reasonably fill most but not all of the listed items. Indeed a good candidate for most of the items is preferred over a less good candidate who could fill all of them).

10. Disclaimer

HbbTV may decide not to fill this position at all, to fill only part of this position, to split this position into more than one and/or to re-advertise it. Any costs incurred in responding to this advertisement shall be borne by the responder.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list for press releases, please contact HbbTV MarCom at communications@hbbtv.org.

Contact HbbTV Association:
Angelo Pettazzi
Chair HbbTV Marketing and Education Working Group (MEWG)
email: angelo.pettazzi@kineton.it
Tel: +39 335 7614 596