HbbTV hosts Masterclass at DVB World 2019

Geneva, February 4, 2019 – The HbbTV Association will join DVB World 2019 in Dublin with a pre-conference masterclass focussing on the implementation of HbbTV.

The masterclass, taking place on March 11, 2019, from 09.00 to 12.00 CET, offers a business-oriented overview of HbbTV technology. Managers, decision-makers and CTOs from the broadcasting industry will gain insights into the business benefits of HbbTV and the technology required to implement services.

The first module will focus on the advantages and the opportunities that the HbbTV toolbox brings to broadcasters and operators while the second module will provide a high-level technical overview from professionals who will describe how HbbTV standards can easily be implemented to create interactive services and how these can be integrated into broadcaster and operator environments to take full advantage of the reach of their TV channels.

The final module will focus on the benefits of the HbbTV Operator Applications (OpApps) with real examples of market deployments. Closing remarks will offer a glance on the future of the HbbTV specification, targeted advertising included.

“DVB produces the founding technologies and standards for broadcasters. The HbbTV specification is the natural complement of DVB for broadcasters, at a moment where they are rushing to complement and enrich their linear offers with hybrid and interactive, OTT-style services,” said Vincent Grivet, Chair of the HbbTV Association. “We are delighted to take advantage of so many people from the broadcast industry converging to Dublin to introduce them to the benefits of HbbTV as the open specification which can help them achieve the transformation of their service offer.”


Participants in DVB World 2019 have the opportunity to sign up for the HbbTV masterclass when registering for DVB World which takes place in Dublin, Ireland, from March 11 to 13. The masterclass programme agenda is available at https://www.dvbworld.org/masterclass.

DVB World

With around 200 delegates from around the world representing broadcasters, service providers, manufacturers, policymakers and researchers, DVB World is the annual conference focussing on DVB standards, services and technology. This year’s topics include 5G, OTT, DVB-I and HbbTV. Registration is open at https://www.dvbworld.org.

Please also visit the HbbTV booth at the DVB World 2019 exhibition.

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