HbbTV services and devices at IBC 2013


4th September 2013

ACCESS Hall 14 / Booth 101
ACCESS showcases its industry-leading WebKit based HbbTV NetFront™ Browser running on
Broadcom, Intel and STMicro chipsets. ACCESS NetFront Browser is the most widely deployed
embedded Internet browser in the world today and it has been shipped in over one billion devices
around the world, including digital TVs, set-top boxes, mobile phones, game consoles, e-readers, and
much more. NetFront™ Browser NX supports HbbTV, HTML5, and Remote UI technologies to provide
best Connected TV experiences.

ABOX42 GmbH Hall 15 / Booth 361
ABOX42 is a leading provider of IPTV & OTT set top boxes and services for network operators and
content providers. ABOX42 will introduce its latest Smart STB platform M20 which supports all
common application environments such as HbbTV, HTML4, HTML5, CE-HTML. The ABOX42 Smart
Platform supports fast application development, short project cycles, low min. order qtys. and full
software lifecycle management. The M20 is the first STB which is able to mix an HbbTV layer with
booth IPTV and HLS/OTT video streams, to provide HbbTV for any type of OTT video services.

Adobe Primetime Hall 7 / Booth G27
Adobe Primetime helps telcos, broadcasters and video distributors profit from TV across every screen.
Adobe Primetime offers solutions for IP-based broadcast DRM, ad insertion, ad decisioning, and
playback across every device, with complete Quality of Service (QoS) metrics and advanced analytics.
The results? Engaged audiences, more revenue from ad sales and subscriptions, and measurable
workflow efficiencies.

ANTIK Technology Hall 14 / Booth 242
ANTIK Technology will show for the first time the new Juice Extreme II Home Media Gateway based
on STi H.416 Orly chipset which is planned to be delivered with the HbbTV stack delivered by STM.
Juice Extreme II is media gateway and decoder equipped with quad DVB tuner, 1gbps Ethernet and 6
parallel transcoding and transrating capability to serve as home storage and streaming server. It
operates Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and new ST platform SDK2 on ARM Cortex-A9, dual core CPU,
SMP NEON SIMD engine yielding up to 6000 DMIPS and ARM Mali-400 quad core GPU yielding up
to 1600 Mpixels/s fill rate and supporting up to 1080p60 or 1080p30 stereoscopic 3D graphics.

BitTubes GmbH Hall 8 / Booth A25
BitTubes GmbH is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS and provides technology for interactive
video. BitTubes will introduce its HbbTV framework for interactive video content, which enables your
audience to explore, shop, learn and play while they enjoy watching video.

CreNova Hall 4 / Booth B78b
CreNova Multimedia, supplier to worldwide A brand OEMs and Operators will show their latest HbbTV
box for Operators. CreNova now covers the complete bandwidth in reception: from MPEG-4 DVB-S2, –
C HD, – T2, Combo- and Twin-Versions as well as Hybrid IPTV Receivers, optionally also with DRM
and VOD. The concept of the company is unique: by developing tailored and innovative products
which are manufactured at a high quality factory and offering short lead times thanks to OEM and
operator projects all over the world. CreNova stands for „CREATE NEW“. The company headquarter
is in South Korea with a branch in Frankfurt/Germany.

Digisoft.tv Hall 14 / Booth 480
Digisoft will be demonstrating its Iris HbbTV 1.5 software suite at IBC. Aimed at broadcasters, service
operators and set top box manufacturers, the Iris software suite extends digital television with
application delivery and playback on hybrid devices. Iris OS is a HTML5/HbbTV 1.5 compliant
operating system for set top boxes. Operators like Vodafone use Iris EPG Server to control the
promotion, bundling and pricing of channels and applications. Built for Android and iOS devices, Iris
Second Screen delivers remote control of HbbTV devices and enhanced interaction with VOD, Live
Content and advertising.

Digital TV Labs Hall 2 / Booth A29
Digital TV Labs will be demonstrating the latest version of its industry leading Test Harness, Ligada
iSuite. The widely adopted Ligada iSuite for HbbTV includes options for the French TNT2.0 and
Spanish TDT Hibrida Test Suites. NEW for 2013 will be Ligada iSuite for HbbTV/CI+, designed to test
compliance for HbbTV devices implementing the Content Service Protection API for communicating
with a CI+ module. Digital TV Labs is a leading digital media and device testing specialist, a registered
HbbTV Test Centre and provides consultancy, testing tools and services to validate digital media and
devices conformance for multiple standards across various worldwide geographies.

Dolby Hall 2 / Booth A31
Dolby will present with Sofia Digital’s service platform and LG an MPEG DASH streaming scenario
with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound based on HbbTV v1.5. This shows the value and immersive
entertainment experience which broadcasters can provide to viewers taking advantage of some key
standard features provided by HbbTV v1.5.

DOTSCREEN Hall 2 / Booth B39d
DOTSCREEN is a France-based leading developer of HbbTV applications in Europe. The company
has already designed and developed more than 20 custom HbbTV apps spanning EPG, TV channel
and operator portal, VOD, catch’up, app store, sport, weather, music, news, car traffic, horoscope…
Our customers for HbbTV apps are France Télévisions, TF1, France24, LCP, Globecast, TDF,
Fransat, Cognacq-Jay Images, ComFM, MeteoNewsTV, InfotraficTV, RTL Astro, RFI …
At IBC 2013, DOTSCREEN will showcase its unique suite of HbbTV apps that are available for

DTG Testing Hall 4 / Booth C88
DTG Testing is an active member of HbbTV, chairing the HbbTV Test Group and vice-chair of the
Certification Group. We provide active support in the development and maintenance of the HbbTV test
suite and are a registered test centre for conformance testing against HbbTV 1.1
All our test suites are run by professional test engineers, providing highly productive, cost efficient test
management with a high level of service and support. For more information please contact

Eutelsat Hall 1 / Booth D59
The Eutelsat stand will host the first live demo of the recently announced interactive “smart LNB” that
opens the door for broadcasters to operate their own ecosystem of linear television and connected TV
services directly by satellite. The “smart LNB” is a new-generation electronic feed connected to an
antenna with an embedded transmitter to provide services such as HbbTV, pay-per-view, social
networking, live show participation, personal subscription management and audience measurement.

Fraunhofer FOKUS Hall 8 / B80 & Hall 14 / Booth 184
Visit us to get informed about our recent developments and cutting-edge technologies in the field of
Future Web Technologies, interactive and tailored media applications and multi-screen services for
SmartTV environments, including:

  • Browser-based DRM for DASH – The upcoming streaming standard for the Web and
    HbbTV 1.5
  • TV Predictor – your personal TV experience. Personalized program recommendations based
    on the customers watch behaviour using HbbTV technology.
  • Interactive and clickable videos for SmartTVs – Content created and distributed through cloud
    based media services and social networks.

GkWare e.K. Hall 2 / Booth C51
GkWare will show the prototype of an independent (not webkit based) CE-HTML browser
implementation for HbbTV. In exchange for an early commitment, we can offer very attractive licensing
models. The demonstration system shows the browser already embedded into a full CI+ and PVR
enabled DVB middleware, including support for DSM-CC and HTTP based HbbTV content delivery.
The market-proven DSM-CC client component and a matching object carousel generation software
are also available as independent packages. They support several other standards like DVB-SSU,
MHEG-5 etc. in addition to HbbTV.

HBB-Next Hall 8 / Booth F40 (Future Zone)
HBB-NEXT is a European FP7-funded project that takes services and technologies for Internetconnected
TVs to a new level. Its platform for new types of hybrid broadcast broadband TV services is
based both on current and future versions of the European standard HbbTV. Among the innovations to
be tried out at the HBB-NEXT booth are an EPG that tailors its recommendations to groups of people
present in the room, multi stream and multi device synchronization as well as services using voice,
face and gesture recognition.

httv Hall 5 / Booth B18
httv is a leading international technology and solutions provider for interactive digital TV. httv is deeply
committed to the success of the HbbTV standard. Its CEO is the co-marketing chairman of the HbbTV
association and the president of the HD Forum, the association who created the specification of the
TNT 2.0 project for the French DTT. At IBC 2013, httv will showcase httvLink, its HbbTV compliant
open-middleware for connected TV STBs, on various chipsets (STMicroelectronics, Sigma Designs,
and Broadcom) and manufacturers (Televes, GMI, Arentia, EKT). The company will also showcase
httvStream its powerfull HbbTV compliant play-out server and HbbTV StarterKit, the simplified version
for non-broadcast specialist. httv will demonstrate HbbTV 1.5 platforms: with Intertrust, for the world’s
first secured HbbTV 1.5 service, “MYTF1VOD”, using MPEG Dash and Marlin DRM technologies; as
well as with Thomson Video Networks, for OTT and DVB T2 markets

HyperPanel Lab (c/o Askey Computer Corp) Hall 3 / Booth A38
HyperPanel Lab and Askey Computer Corp – a Member of Asus Group – will showcase their truly
disruptive ALL-IN-ONE Multiscreen / Multiroom platform. It is powered by HyperPanel Labs’ latest
compelling Software suite, featuring both HbbTV, and state of the art Connected TV modes such as
SAT>IP (certification pending). ALL-IN-ONE stands as the ultimate best value for money HbbTV
Media Home Gateway to date. It is capable of streaming up to 4 original DVB Broadcast TV services
to modern devices such as Tablets or Smartphones, hence also offering in parallel advanced Whole
Home DVR functions. In a nutshell, it does perform, in a totally seamless manner, as a genuine Home
DSLAM & TV Cloud.
Icareus (co-exhibit Screen Systems) Hall 1 / Booth C49
Visit Icareus to see products for better TV experience that enable broadcasters and operators to
achieve higher viewer satisfaction in more than 40 countries. Icareus Playout is a HbbTV head-end
product range including carousel servers and EPG data generators to create the necessary signalling
for HbbTV Applications. Icareus Suite TV Anywhere platform for live and on demand content, including
applications like Rich EPG, Catch-up TV, Social Media and Games, is future proof solution offering
solid long term roadmap to our customers to expand their viewership through HbbTV and other enduser

Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT) Hall 10 / Booth F51
IRT presents a number of interesting applications showing the potential of the HbbTV standard. One of
the most interesting ones is our Second Screen Framework, the manufacturer and service
independent solution for connecting a second device to the applications on the TV screen. The
TVAppGallery implements the concept of an open app store for HbbTV applications. Furthermore, the
professional playout system for HbbTV services, IRT’s BRAHMS (Broadcast and HbbTV Media
Server), brings your HbbTV applications easily and cost-efficient to your customers.

Intertrust Technologies Hall 5 / Booth B18
Intertrust Technologies http://www.intertrust.com ® will be showcasing TF1’s commercial VOD
streaming service built by SyncTV <http://www.synctv.com>™ MPEG DASH and Marlin DRM directly
to connected TVs. Intertrust will also be demoing ExpressPlay <http://www.expressplay.com> TM the
turnkey, cloud-based solution for anyone looking for an easy and inexpensive way to build a service
that includes copyrighted content.

iWedia Hall 5 / Booth B01
iWedia will be demonstrating their Teatro-3.5 turn key software solution for Android-operated STB
which gives support to HbbTV. Putting together Android and HbbTV makes a killing combination that
allows to deliver the best of Android apps together with the best of broadcaster hybrid services. HbbTV
is also proposed by iWedia as a stand alone software component which has been widely deployed by
major TV set manufacturers.

KATHREIN TechnoTrend Hall 1 / Booth A58
KATHREIN TechnoTrend will show its new generation of Hybrid Cable and Satellite receivers for
broadband, broadcast and OTT services. Based on a Broadcom chipset and powered by the Opera
browser, the STBs combine fast HbbTV experience with features like UPnP (client and server), PVR,
SmartTV portal access and multi-screen/multi-room support. Visit our booth to see the full range of
innovative receivers.

Media Broadcast Hall 1 / Booth B79
Media Broadcast will showcase the multithek, an HbbTV-compliant interactive TV portal with more
than 60 apps: media libraries, news, sports, shopping, music, weather and more. Additional TV
programs broadcasted via DVB-T/-S/-C are signaling IP-delivered live streams. The benefits for
content providers are a quick and affordable entry into the pioneering market of hybrid TV, the
possibility to reach new target groups and the establishment of new business models linking television
and online services.

MStar Semiconductor Hall1 / Booth BM5-6
MStar Semiconductor will showcase MSD7862 and MStar HbbTV on its reference design and its
software on some end products.

NEOTION Hall 4 / Booth B53
NEOTION showcases “Hbb Tablet”, a BlueBridge based solution which allows viewers to navigate
HbbTV content on a Tablet or a Smartphone, whilst in front of their main TV screen. TV Channels
already publish many HbbTV applications that are related to TV programs : now Hbb Tablet allows to
address not only Hbb TVs screen but also the second screen. The HbbTV services displayed on
Tablets are the same as those produced for Televisions. With Neotion HBB Tablet no need to have a
legacy HbbTV, or even, to connect the TV to Internet to have the pleasure to receive HBB TV content.

NetRange MMH Hall 14 / Booth 108
NetRange is the leading global full-service white label Smart TV portal operator and provides Smart
TV portal and software solutions for major clients such as Sharp, TCL, Loewe, HD+/ SES Astra and
Media Broadcast, the German DVB-T operator. NetRange offers device-agnostic and fully cloudbased
portal solutions in HTML5, CE-HTML and HbbTV. The HbbTV solution includes the possibility
to mix DVB-X channels with IP-based linear channels in the same channel list/ EPG. NetRange also
provides support in operating a HbbTV portal, like creating a Barker channel, as well as running,
maintaining and operating complex HbbTV backend systems. All NetRange portals are available with
multiple additional features such as second screen solutions etc.

Opera Software Hall 14 / Booth 111
Join us to see the latest in browser-based applications for TVs. Opera will be showcasing applications
enabled by our HTML5 engine, including the Opera TV Store and Opera TV Snap, as well as HbbTV
solutions for TVs, STBs and other devices. Stop by our booth to see our HbbTV solution in action and
learn more about our HbbTV emulator with debugging tools for application creation.

Rovi Corporation Hall 5 / Booth A31
Rovi is a global provider of entertainment metadata and media guide technologies that work with the
HbbTV standard to deliver an intuitive discovery experience to consumers on TVs, set top boxes and
other video entertainment devices. Rovi is continuing to lead the market by growing its data footprint
globally and building new solutions to help its customers roll out advanced capabilities, such as smart
search, personalized recommendations, video streaming and playback technologies. At IBC, Rovi will
be showcasing how all of these technologies can work together to create an Entertainment Unbound
experience, an ecosystem of services and applications focused on the complete user experience
across devices.

S&T (Strategy & Technology) Hall 1 / Booth B22
S&T will show TSBroadcaster for HbbTV: its DSM-CC Object Carousel for DVB platforms, which
includes full support for broadcast carousel playout of HbbTV applications and generation of
associated AIT signalling with ASI or IP transport stream output. S&T will also be demonstrating its
Control Pad solution that allows a viewer to control an interactive application (HbbTV or MHEG-5) via
a synchronised second screen device, such as a tablet or smartphone.

Screen Systems Hall 1 / Booth C49
Screen Systems, Icareus and Digisoft.tv have combined their knowledge and products to present a
powerful new solution for broadcasters to monetise content via HbbTV platforms. The HbbTV Toolbox,
which can be hosted in the cloud or locally installed, integrates with the delivery of video feeds into an
HbbTV environment to provide multiple options for how a TV programme is viewed including second
screen devices and the web. The solution enables broadcasters to add a vast scope of additional
services to content which consequently opens up extensive opportunities for supplementary revenue
Shenzhen Jiuzhou Electric Hall 3 / Booth C56
JIUZHOU will show hybrid STB, integrates HbbTV specification 1.5, MPEG dash and Miscrosoft
PlayReady are supported, and embedded JIUZHOU TV Portal as well, which provide client to access
news, weather, radio and OTT services etc. We also support all kinds of CAS (such as Conax, Irdeto,
Nagra NDS,viaccess,Verimatrix, latens)

Sofia Digital Hall 2 / Booth A31 (Dolby)
Sofia Digital is presenting an HbbTV showcase with Dolby Laboratories. Sofia Digital setup at IBC
includes a Sofia Backstage HbbTV play-out server with MPEG-DASH and HbbTV streaming scenario.
HbbTV service examples includes Finnish DTTV real-life applications and Sofia’s latest developments
including Enhanced EPG, Main portal (Launcher service), News and information services, Weather,
On-demand video and IP-radio services.

STMicroelectronics Hall 1 / Booth F40
ST will be showcasing HbbTV solutions on different classes of its products, including the STiH253
decoder family, which features an integrated DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcast-second generation
terrestrial) demodulator and suits terrestrial hybrid boxes, as well as demos on the STiH273/STiH223
that include DVB-T (digital-terrestrial), and DVB-C (digitalcable) annex A/B/C demodulation, and the
STiH237 that offers an integrated DVB-S2 (Digital Video Broadcast-Satellite 2) demodulator. All these
new devices, SW compatible with each other, support the full range of HD broadcast and multimedia
codecs, hybrid and IP standards, as well as the latest security and content-protection standards,
making a perfect fit for the HbbTV markets. By co-working with almost all the major HbbTV solution
providers in the market, ST is offering to its customers a range of options tailored to their products
addressing broadcast, broadband and over the top services. HbbTV will also be demonstrated on
ST’s latest ARM based architecture devices for Set Top Boxes and TV’s, devices.

TARA Systems Hall 8 /Booth F40 (Future Zone)
As a member of the EU-funded project HBB-NEXT, TARA Systems has contributed its platform
independent DVB/IPTV Middleware, called Inaris, to provide a fundament for next generation HbbTV
services. The HBB-NEXT booth presents Inaris including its browser agnostic HbbTV stack and DSMCC
receiver on a Broadcom 7346 SoC. Based on this, many future-oriented features such as interdevice
and inter-media synchronization have been integrated by the project participants. This will give
a prospect on the features of the upcoming standard HbbTV 2.0 where TARA Systems is active.

TDF Hall 1 / Booth B79
TDF will be showcasing a full range of end to end best of breed OTT solutions with HbbTV. They
aimed at Broadcasters and Operators. This includes contextual services such as synchronised ads,
the Restart service on live broadcast which is already available on several DTT French channels and
a full flegded EPG. In addition, TDF will also showcase a tablet application companion for HbbTV TV
sets , these Uses Cases will also be made possible in the next future with HbbTV V2 standard.

TechniSat Hall 14 / Booth C20
TechniSat will showcase its latest receivers and TV sets. Reception of DVB-S, DVB-C, Hybrid (DVB-C
+ IP as well as DVB-S + IP) as well as pure IP will be shown. The receivers and TV sets with hybrid
reception feature HbbTV as well as other advanced IP functions like free Internet browsing, in home
networking (DLNA) and IPTV support. TechniSat Digital manufactures DVB- and Hybrid-consumer
electronics s. A European based R&D and production completes the idea of European quality and
design. Continuous innovation and outstanding performance make TechniSat a valuable supplier with
the expertise to provide custom-solutions.

Vestel Hall 14 / Booth A20
Vestel has been specialized in developing and manufacturing flat panel TVs with integrated digital
receivers, digital television recorders, DVB HD & SD and IP STB products.Vestel showcases
SmartTVs HBB TV 1.5 feature. Satellite and SAT>IP based Set-Top Boxes supporting HbbTV, various
DRM solutions and adaptive streaming technologies will be demonstrated during the show as well.

Viaccess-Orca Hall 1 / Booth A51
Viaccess-Orca will be demonstrating its Hybrid TV solution which ensures a high level of content
protection via card-less conditional access, while providing an unmatched layer of interactivity
guaranteed to increase viewer engagement. VO’s Hybrid TV solution leverages the HbbTV standard
enabling providers to offer next-generation EPG and social TV services on connected TV’s and set-top
boxes via a single, web-based user interface. The solution enables content service providers to
seamlessly deploy services such as over-the-top TV (OTT TV), VOD, catch-up TV, e-news and
shopping, across multiple devices promoting customer engagement, content consumption and content

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