Improving Interoperability Task Force – Questionnaire



The HbbTV Association are gathering input for a Task Force on “improving interoperability”. To that end, we would kindly request if you could consider the questions below and provide some answers by return email to info(at) before end July 2016.

We would request that in answering the questions you do not mention any specific component, device or manufacturer identifying remarks – such as brand names, models, identifying features. Answers that describe issues prevalent on a range of devices that can be attributed to some specification ambiguity, testing shortcoming or gap in coverage are particularly helpful. Please include information about the version of the HbbTV Specification that applies in your market.

HbbTV will collate the feedback and if requested anonymise the contributor information – please make that request explicit in your reply if you would prefer.


  1. What is your perception of the support for HbbTV and DVB DASH profiles amongst devices in your market – particularly OnDemand vs Live?
  2. What are the three most common interoperability issues that have had most impact on HbbTV services in your market?
  3. Are HbbTV services being held back, or not deployed, because of interoperability issues or lack of feature support on HbbTV devices? If so, which issues or features?
  4. What feature of HbbTV (any version of the specification) has been most difficult to implement in a service and why?
  5. Are new HbbTV applications or application updates easy to deploy and if not, what issues need most time to resolve? E.g. common non-compliance to the specification.


Reminder – please try to give as much detail on the specifics of any issues – e.g. relevant specification version, code examples – but please do not include identifying information about devices, models, brands and applications. HbbTV cannot accept submissions that may indirectly or directly place the association in violation of anti-trust provisions.

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