The HbbTV Association extends contract for HbbTV 2.0.1 Test Suites



GENEVA — June 28, 2016 — The HbbTV Association, a global initiative dedicated to providing an open standard for the delivery of broadcast and broadband services through connected TVs and set-top boxes, today announced that it has extended its contract with RT-RK for 104 additional test cases to cover the differences between HbbTV 2.0 and HbbTV 2.0.1.This is a further extension of the original contracts placed in July 2015 for 468 tests and February 2016 for a further 155 tests.

These supplementary cases focus on testing features required for the migration of Italy and the UK from their existing solutions to HbbTV. These new tests will also cover additional testing of HbbTV 2.0. It is expected that these new tests will be delivered over the summer, with delivery completed by end of August.

The release of the first version of the HbbTV 2.0 test suite is targeted for end of Q3 2016 and this will include tests for all mandatory features, while the tests for HbbTV 2.0.1 will be included in a later release during Q4 2016.



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Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (or “HbbTV”) is a major global initiative aimed at harmonising the broadcast and broadband delivery of entertainment services to the end consumer through connected TVs and set‐top boxes. The HbbTV specification was developed by industry leaders to effectively manage the rapidly increasing amount of available content targeted at today’s end consumer. It is based on elements of existing specifications including OIPF (Open IPTV Forum), CEA, DVB, MPEG-DASH and W3C.

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