Vincent Grivet re-elected Chair of HbbTV Association

Geneva, July 1, 2022 – Vincent Grivet (representing Eutelsat) will remain Chair of the HbbTV Association. The members of the industry association’s newly assembled Steering Group (SG) re-elected Grivet for another two-year term at their meeting on June 17, 2022. Jon Piesing (TP Vision) was re-elected the HbbTV Association’s Vice-Chair; Xavier Redon (Cellnex Telecom) will continue to serve as Treasurer.

The new SG was elected by the members of the HbbTV Association at the General Assembly on May 17, 2022. The new SG comprises the following members:

  • BBC: Chris Poole
  • Cellnex Telecom: Xavier Redon
  • Digital UK: James Jackson
  • EBU: Peter MacAvock
  • Eutelsat: Vincent Grivet
  • Kineton: Angelo Pettazzi
  • LG Electronics: Stuart Savage
  • Panasonic: Martin Faehnrich
  • RAI: Luca Barboni
  • RTI: Fabio Guarnaccia
  • RTL: Frank Heineberg
  • Samsung: John Adam
  • Sony Europe: Nigel Moore
  • Tivù: Daniele Novaga
  • TP Vision: Jon Piesing
  • Vewd Software: Frode Hernes

Digital UK, Eutelsat and Kineton are new SG members.

“It will be an honour and a pleasure to lead the HbbTV Association and Steering Group for another two years. The TV landscape is undergoing massive changes, and HbbTV is playing a key role to enable the ongoing adaptation strategy of many important players with key specifications like targeted advertising. With my Steering Group colleagues and the support of all members, we are committed to continue working for the benefit of the ecosystem and consumers, making sure HbbTV brings the benefits which are expected,” said Vincent Grivet following his re-election as the Chair of the HbbTV Association.

Over the upcoming two-year term, HbbTV will continue to update its core specification to meet new market requirements such as accessibility and enhanced DRM content protection and will also work on further improving the ability of the ecosystem to ensure compliance of reception devices with the specifications.

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